DESOLATE :: 荒无人烟


开发: Nearga

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两年前,格兰尼契岛成了一场不明原因的大规模灾难的中心。“新光”集团掩盖了这起灾难事件 —— 现在他们打算尽可能地纠正其后果。

一场大型活动正在展开,期间所谓的“志愿者” —— 其中大多数人从未拿过武器 —— 被送到了格兰尼契岛上。他们的任务是研究岛上的超自然活动,收集信息并承担危险的任务,这一切都旨在弥补过去的错误。他们中没有一个人对接下来发生的事有所准备。

扮演志愿者的角色,探索一个充满着各种各样威胁的地方 —— 从怪物和疯子,到超自然异常现象,还有看似不可能的天气情况。走进这个被遗忘世界的现在,揭开它的秘密。

  • 黑暗的过去

    探索充满了废弃定居点、军事基地和绝密设施的神秘岛屿。调查岛上的秘密 —— 从格兰尼契岛从前的定居者那里找到笔记和日记,揭开其神秘的历史。
  • 研究威胁

    在对抗怪物,掠夺者和士兵的公开战斗中为你的生命而战,或者使用潜行从阴影中造成暴击伤害。研究格兰尼契岛上的生物 —— 你对它们了解得更多,在战斗中就能获得优势。
  • 变废为宝茁壮成长

  • 变废为宝茁壮成长

  • 对抗疯狂(或者让它毁灭你)



About This Game

Two years ago Granichny Island became an epicentre of a large-scale disaster of unknown origin. “The New Light” conglomerate covered up this catastrophic event - and now aims to rectify the consequences as much as they can.

A massive campaign is underway, during which so-called “Volunteers” - most of whom have never held a weapon in their hands - are sent out onto Granichny. Their mission - to research the paranormal activities of the island, gathering information and undertaking dangerous tasks, all in hope of amending mistakes of the past. None of them are ready for what comes next.

Play the role of a Volunteer, and explore a place filled with threats of every shape and size - from monsters and madmen to supernatural anomalies and seemingly impossible weather patterns. Journey through the present of this forsaken world to uncover its secrets.

  • Dark past

    Explore the enigmatic island filled with abandoned settlements, military bases and top secret facilities. Investigate secrets of the island - find notes and diaries from Granichny’s previous settlers to uncover its mysterious history.
  • Research the threats

    Battle for your life in open fights against monsters, marauders and soldiers, or use stealth to do critical damage out of the shadows. Research the creatures of Granichny - and gain advantages in battle while you learn more about them.
  • Strength Through Unity

    Join a 4-player team to have a better chance at surviving the dangers of the island with unique team-based abilities, such as reviving your fallen team members - or act as a lone wolf to prove your mettle.
  • Thrive among the wastes

    Unlock new abilities and train them to increase your chances of survival. Gather recipes and components to craft, modify and upgrade your weapons and equipment. Customize your Volunteer with new clothing and armor you scavenge throughout your journey on the island.
  • Resist the madness (Or let it consume you)

    Take care of not only your physical condition, but your mental state as well. The insanity of Granichny will change the world around you, as well as yourself.

Survive, explore and investigate the dark world of DESOLATE, alone or with friends in a party of four.


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