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ZAP Master
ZAP Master

开发: Antonio Renna



ZAP Master is a 2D, abstract art, base defense/bullet hell game where players click to zap incoming enemies. Enemies spawn in and travel down radial lanes, and if one reaches the end of the lane, it's game over!

The game also allows you to record your scores, so challenge yourself with players from all over the world and see who has the best reflexes!


In the first week of the launch of the game [from September 1st to September 8th] you will have time to play the game and get the best score possible.
Who gets the highest score will win $ 100
The second ranked $ 50
The third $ 25
To participate, you need to buy the game and send the picture with your score to the email:
If you win then you will have to prove that you didn't photomontage the photo and that you bought the game without making any refund
That said, good luck!


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