Gone Viral :: 地牢小霸王

Gone Viral

开发: Skullbot Games
发行: Akupara Games , Surefire.Games




多样的攻击方式 – 通过将敌人从墙上弹射出去、将他们互相撞击,或将他们推入破骨陷阱来消灭他们,想怎么样就怎么样。
炫技 = 粉丝 – 你的组合招数越炫目,发动的混乱越多,你就会得到更多的点赞和粉丝追随者!
粉丝 = 升级 - 用大量的击杀来满足粉丝们的嗜血欲望,他们会给你带来惊人的升级奖励!
多样的变化 – 突变和攻击方式的无尽结合,你在竞技场上的每一次经历都是独一无二的。
直播投票 – 现实生活中的玩家观众可以通过Twitch直播平台投票帮助(或阻碍)你的游戏进程,让你游戏内的“粉丝”与游戏外的“粉丝”互动起来吧!




About This Game

Feature List

Killer Combos - Annihilate enemies by ricocheting them off walls, smashing them into each other, or shoving them into bone-crunching traps.
Kills = Fans - The flashier your combos and the more mayhem you unleash, the more likes and followers you’ll get!
Fans = Upgrades - Sate your fans’ parched throats with FOUNTAINS of blood and they’ll reward you with amazing upgrades!
Homicidium ad Infinitum - With endless combinations of mutations and attacks, each unique experience in the arena is as death-defying as the last so you can MURDER FOREVER.
Blood Stream - Real-life audiences introduce another layer of interaction to the experience as they vote to help (or hinder) you in your killing sprees.

About the Game

When a civilization dies, so too do its scruples. You’ve been captured by a society that glorifies one thing and one thing only – violence. Oh, and followers, too – can’t forget about them. String together sickening combos to sate your Fans’ thirst for blood and gain rewards. Upgrade your MURDERING skills to achieve even greater spectacle and efficiency as you tear your way through room after room, leaving a trail of blood and tears (but mostly blood) in your wake. Grab your freedom by the throat and never let go.

Gone Viral features randomly-generated levels, over-the-top violence, and physics-based combat that thrives on combos to unleash devastating brutality on your enemies. Become the apocalypse’s greatest SOCIAL MURDIA STAR as you amass a following in-game or IRL. “IRL!?” you say? That’s right! Now introducing Twitch Integration that lets you invite your audience to take part in the world of Gone Viral as Fans who can vote to either help or hinder you.


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