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About This Game

[game story]
The magic college is being attacked by a group of monsters, game players play the role of the headmaster to summon saints , who constantly upgrade their skills and use powerful magic energies given by the magic college. These saints struggle against all kinds of monsters to defend the magic college.

[game features]
- the monsters do not only move to the magic college, but also attack the saints on the ways.
- the game uses a 3D realistic style, a cinematic super clear screen, and a lot of monsters going into battle.
- everyone can enjoy the game, no-brain or brainstorm,easy or crazy.
- each level has a variety of patterns that challenge the player's limits step by step.
- nervous rhythm, exciting scenes, fresh gameplay.

[game play]
-Players can call 5 different types of saints, their attack range, life, damage and magic skills are different.
-Players need arrange properly the positions for different saints, such as the saint of the farthest attacking range should be called at the end of the way,the saint of slowing down the monsters should be called at the front of the way.
-Players also need upgrade the saints for stronger magic power to defeat the monsters.
- Some of the monsters are immune to general magic attacks, and players need summon a particular saint to destroy them, such as bats and lizard eggs.
-Magical energies given by the magic college can destroy the enemies, which are very strong: glare intercept, lightning crit,ice frozen, as long as fast and exactly releasing these energies,they will play unexpected effects.


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