Romance with Chocolate - Hidden Object in Paris :: 罗曼蒂克和巧克力 - 隐藏物品

Romance with Chocolate - Hidden Object in Paris
罗曼蒂克和巧克力 - 隐藏物品

开发: Crisp App Studio



让你自己沉浸在一个起源于 18 世纪的浪漫故事中。引导英雄通过美丽的、历史上著名的巴黎地区,当你继续前进时加上侦探游戏。

  • 难以置信图形的背景的不寻常任务。
  • 去爱情城市真正景点的旅程:巴黎圣心大教堂、艺术桥和卢浮宫。
  • 在游戏结束的时候,你和其他英雄能够重新发明古老的巧克力配方,它已经作为一个秘密保存了超过 3 个世纪。

About This Game

New romance game in the Hidden Objects and Visual Novel genres from the creators of Time Trap. This time, a story of romance unfolds in the world's capital of love, Paris! Immerse yourself in a romantic story with its roots in the 18th century.

Guide a North American girl and a Frenchman through beautiful historic Parisian locales, putting together pieces of the detective puzzle as you proceed. Trips to real attractions in the city of love: Basilique du Sacre-Coeur, Pont des Arts, and the Louvre Museum.

Features of this love story game:
  • Unique graphics with incredibly lovely Paris scenes!
  • Most of the hidden objects are genuine antiques!
  • Unique polygonal puzzles!
  • A variety of tasks: finding hidden objects, finding differences, and finding pairs; all of this with a special romantic story as a backdrop.
  • Innovative system of photo hints for hidden objects
  • Our love story games have been translated to ten languages.



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