Swords and Soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon :: 勇士与利剑2:肉夹末日

Swords and Soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon

开发: Ronimo Games
发行: Ronimo Games



《勇士与利剑 2 肉夹末日》是由《王牌英雄》的制作团队开发的刺激精彩的横向卷轴式动作即时战略游戏。在一场高度策略性斗争中通过战斗来控制地图并使敌人退回到他们的基地。在线和分屏多人玩家战斗,在小规模战役中决斗狡猾的AI,或者享受种类各异的单人战役。



  • 维京人、波斯人和恶魔!扮演三个致命势力中的任意一个,每一个都有自己独一无二的军队和法术,以及各自的强项和弱点。
  • 侧向滚过你的敌人:保卫你的基地,获取资源,并使用超过45个部队、技能和建筑来削弱你的敌人!
  • 找到最完美的沙瓦玛!:根据首领红胡子的命令,你和你的维京人们必须通过穿越冻原、森林、沙漠和地狱深渊完成种类各异的45个等级单人战役来找出谁偷了你们的晚餐!
  • 自定义战略:使用自定义军队的功能来征召一支你最喜欢的军队、技能和建筑,然后利用他们来对抗你的朋友!
  • 多元化游戏:通过本地网络或分屏进行激烈的1v1在线战斗,来摆平你对手的基地!
  • 等待中的游戏:当你在线等待对手出现时,可以享受各式各样的迷你小游戏,在小规模战斗中与AI决一胜负或取得高分。

About This Game

Swords and Soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon is an action-packed side-scrolling real-time strategy game from the makers of Awesomenauts. Fight to control the map and push the enemy back to their base in a highly tactical tug of war. Battle in online and split-screen multiplayer, duel the devious AI in skirmishes, or enjoy the extensive single-player campaign.

Mine valuable gold so you can unlock any of the 50 units, buildings and spells that suit your playstyle, then unleash your armies and magical powers to counter your opponent’s strategies and make sure nothing’s left of their base!

A 10 hour single player campaign gives you command of Redbeard and his Vikings. Join them as they fight their way through the forests of Vikingland, the scorching sands of Persia and even the nether regions of Hell, on a quest to retrieve the sheep that have been stolen from their favourite shawarma shack. Time to settle this injustice the Viking way!

  • Vikings, Persians and Demons! Play any of three deadly factions, each with their own unique units and spells as well as distinctive strengths and weaknesses.
  • Side-scroll over your enemies: Defend your base, claim resources, and use over 45 units, spells and buildings to run down your enemy!
  • Find the perfect Shawarma!: As Chief Redbeard, you and your Vikings must fight your way through an extensive 45 level single-player campaign across tundra, forests, deserts and the pits of hell to find out who stole your dinner!
  • Strategize and customize: Use the Custom Army feature to conscript your favorite troops, spells and structures, then pit them against your friends!
  • Multiplay it your way: Play online, via local network or split-screen in intense 1 v 1 battles and level your opponent’s base!
  • Play the waiting games: While waiting for your rival to show up online, you can enjoy all kinds of mini-games - battle it out against the AI in a skirmish or go for a high score.


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