Battle for the Galaxy :: 银河大战

Battle for the Galaxy

开发: AMT Games
发行: AMT Games






  • 免费玩的 MMO RTS 游戏
  • 一流的艺术和视觉效果
  • 可建造和升级 20 多个建筑,将刚刚幸存的基地变成强大的行星要塞
  • 征募星际战士、火箭炮运输船、巨人技工以及巡洋战舰军队。总共 8 种不同的部队。
  • 与其他玩家一起创建公司
  • 公司可对竞争公司宣战并争夺宝贵奖赏
  • 在聊天中与公司成员讨论并分享战斗

请注意,“银河大战”游戏是免费的。可用实际货币购买游戏内的装备。在您的设备设置中禁用应用程序内购买功能,可关闭支付功能。“银河大战”还开启了部族聊天,因此 13 岁或更高年龄的人才能下载并玩该游戏。

About This Game

Battle for the galaxy is a freemium cross-platform MMO strategy video game.

  • Join the battle: become a Commander of a star fleet, start as a Trooper and become the General of the Galaxy!
  • Unite in Corporations: find allies in numerous fights for galactic supremacy!
  • Protect your planet: deploy towers, traps and walls on your base;
  • Destroy enemy bases: send your army on assaults and earn Titanum and Energy;
  • Build your own strategy: plan successful attacks using countless combinations of troops, technologies and modules!
  • Prove yourself: participate in daily League competitions, Duels and Raids.

Battle for the Galaxy features player controlled development of the space outpost, further defending that outpost from other players, as well as attacking outposts of other players. Resources for army training and base development are obtained either from attacks, or via mines daily production.

Players are offered to create or join corporations (groups of up to fifty people), which provide them with permanent bonuses to make defensive and offensive gameplay of a player easier and allow him to participate in a corporate wars.

Battle for the Galaxy got positive reviews and high ratings for it's high quality graphics and popular gameplay model orineted for casual players.


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