CASE 2: Animatronics Survival :: 卷宗 2:动物机器幸存者

CASE 2: Animatronics Survival
卷宗 2:动物机器幸存者

开发: Walnut LLC
发行: Walnut LLC




你将扮演杰克 – 一位在惨剧中家破人亡的可怜人。他将很快会为之前犯下的恶行自食其果,迟到的审判将无法躲避。。。你能施以援手吗?
  • 与三位扮演幸存者的朋友一起在线联机游戏,避免厄运的来临;

  • 一部缜密熟虑、荡气回肠、独具匠心的故事;

  • 突发状况频发,考验你的随机应变能力;

  • 场景丰富,良心制作;

  • 控制让军队都颤抖的巨兽吧;

  • 灵活使用智能面板:通过视频监控,了然全局;

  • 解谜的同时要极度小心,因为。。。你被盯梢了!


About This Game

Two years before the attack on the police station, there was a terrible tragedy in the city, which led to the closure of the amusement park.
Some believe it was an accident—others, that it was a well-planned act of intimidation.
Leaflets about missing people filled the city streets.

You play as Jack. He is a man who has lost everything. Soon he’ll have to pay for his crime.
The past has finally caught up with him... Try to save him.


  • Play online with friends as the three survivors - try to avoid their terrible fate;
  • A well-considered story with its own characteristics;
  • Unexpected situations that will make you think;
  • A lot of different game locations;
  • Control those feared by the army;
  • Use the tablet: watch security cameras, manage and monitor the situation;
  • Solve new puzzles, but look out... they are watching you.

Your mission is to survive at any cost! Each animatronic has its own mortal features.
Try not to get caught! Be shrewd! Use shelters and move silently.

Inattention or too much caution are each swiftly punished.


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