The beauties&zombies of beach for VR :: The beauties&zombies of beach for VR

The beauties&zombies of beach for VR
The beauties&zombies of beach for VR

开发: BeiJing Da Xing Media Limited Company



《海滩尸身日记》是一款基于 HTC 的游戏,在VR设备的的充分支持下,您将到达一座即浪漫又刺激的夜景海滩,寂静阴森的恐怖场景,您还来不及弄清楚是什么情况的时候,就会有美女僵尸朝您飞奔而来......


About This Game

‘The beauties&zombies diary of beach for VR’ is a game based on HTC. You can direct contact and 360-degree appreciate to beauties on the dreamlike beach with the full support of VR devices. They would swimming, having sunbathing, playing on a swing, dancing with together, seem to authentic existence before your eyes. Oh, look at the fantastic beach, evening glow covered the whole beach, sparking waves lapping against the sand, flowers and beauties’ hairs floating with wind, what a romantic and cozy holiday! In here, you could do rock climbing, shooting arrows, also could sneak into beauties’ rooms to see what they’re doing, cough !cough !
Wait, that’s all? No, it’s just a begin. When you feel tired find a deck chair to have a rest, "the time backflow machine"would summon you to the old beach, everything change. Dark clouds in the sky, the warm lighting let you know that you’re still here but it’s night. You get up, someone close to you fastly, you want to ask her what happen here. Wait, are you kidding me! Am I in dream? A zombie! Oh my god, she is a beauty at the daytime!?
So a new game to kill all zombies and survive in the end would begin, are you ready? Take up your weapons then hasten to kill all zombies, almost 10 weapons waiting you to collect, you must kill zombies and search for bullets and weapons for survival. Warning sissy! Try to think the beauty zombies close to you when you turn back, so crazy right?
You would come back the romantic and beautiful beach when you kill all zombies, you get up again, again? Oh, that it’s a dream? No, it’s too really, I can’t conclude whether it’s a dream or... true. No matter how, I’m still here, just continue enjoy the wonderful beach trip.
Our game would continue to update more of story line、characters that supplement to substantial experience and playing method, watch this space. Look forward to you contact with us at anytime and bring more better ideas.



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