Between the Stars :: 群星之间

Between the Stars

开发: Isolated Games
发行: Isolated Games




  • 在激烈的太空战斗中战斗。
  • 在正确的时间使用您的船的特殊能力在战场上改变您的命运。

  • 通过成就开启新船。每艘船都有自己独特的风格和能力。
  • 在每场比赛中选择您的船长。船长给船带来了他的战斗风格和独特的奖励,但是记住死亡是永久的,如果他们在游戏中死了,您将不能再选择它,一个新的船长将取代它。
  • 船长有一个独特的外观和属性组合。

  • 扇区、星图、敌人和空间站都是程序生成的。没有一款游戏会像之前的那样!
  • 击败太阳之子们,完成星际舰队最高司令部赋予你们的任务。

  • 在冒险过程中装备您的船和升级您的设备。
  • 招募新的船员来替代伤亡人员,并做出正确的决定,以更快地提高他们的水平,并保证您船员的安全。
  • 数百个不同的事件将考验您和您的船员的能力。
  • 您在每个事件中所做的决定将决定游戏的发展,并可能影响您的队长可获得属性。

About This Game

Between the Stars is a space action game with RPG growth and real time combat that places you at the helm of an interstellar cruiser. Your mission will be to protect the civilized world from the Children of the Sun, a faction that dominates border planets in the known universe. In order to undertake your mission you must cross the galaxy, face new challenges at each warp jump, and make difficult decisions that affect your ship, crew and the world that surrounds you while upgrading your ship's equipment and fighting in battles to survive.

  • Fight in intense space battles in real time.
  • Use special abilities on your ship in the right moment to mark the difference on the battlefield.

  • Unlock, upgrade, personalize and buy different playable ships and their systems in order to conquer the galaxy.
  • Create a captain and develop them throughout the adventure. Level them up and acquire different attributes depending on your decisions.
  • Explore the stellar map and its events generated in a procedural universe.

  • Visit space stations and planets across different sectors that make up the galaxy.
  • Hire and upgrade your crew in order to face the dangers of the universe. Ensure their safety and cover your casualties, as well as level them up.

  • Hundreds of text based events that will pit your capacity as well as your crews against countless dangers.
  • Craft, salvage, and investigate new weaponry in order to augment your offensive capabilities.
  • Decisions made in one event could change the evolution of the entire playthrough.
  • Enjoy a standard difficulty mode or play with permadeath on for a challenge.



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