Zomborg :: 僵尸危城


开发: GameDevLab

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现在是2000年,联合国在世界各地设立了几个检疫区,以阻止未知的病毒扩散。它们很成功,但花费很大。遏制开始不久之后,谣言开始蔓延,说有幸存者被困在隔离区内,以及病毒的起因,还有在街上漫游的复活感染尸体的画面。目前还没有确凿的证据。为了找到这种感染的治愈和根源,联合国在检疫区部署了数十个军事,医学和科学小组。在任务中,其中一个医疗小组从检疫区内的死牲畜的血液样本,发现了一个非常重要的线索,以及该地区受感染尸体的几幅图像。但在队伍能够撤离之前,他们的前哨被数以千计的被感染尸体袭击泛滥。整个医务人员和他们的保安队都被杀害,留下了所有的样本和研究数据。联合国无意再派另一个团队去面对同样的命运,联合国呼叫一家私营军事公司,高技能的雇佣军,来检索数据, 并揭开那个区域秘密,至今从没人能够活着回来告诉真相。


  • 自定义角色
  • 使用10种类型的武器
  • 用挣的钱来买武器
  • 在一个播放屏幕上同时显示多达100个僵尸
  • 选择适合您战略的伙伴(AI角色)

About This Game

It is the year 2000, and the United Nations has established several quarantine zones around the world to stem the tide of an unknown virus pandemic. They are successful, but at a great cost.

Shortly after the containment rumor began to spread, there were tales of survivors trapped inside the quarantine zones, and of the cause of the virus, with footage of reanimated infected corpses roaming the street. Still, no solid evidence could be found.

In order to find the cure and the origin of this infection, the United Nations deployed dozens of military, medical, and scientific teams into the quarantine zones.

During the mission, one of the medical teams found a very important clue in the blood sample from dead livestock in the quarantine zone, along with several images of infected corpses in the area.

But before the team could evacuate, their outpost was attacked and overrun by thousands of infected corpses. The whole medical staff and their security team were killed, leaving all the samples and research data behind.

Not intending to send another team to meet the same fate, the United Nations called upon a private military company, highly skilled mercenaries to retrieve the data and uncover the secret of the zone where no one had ever come back to tell the tale.

Game Features

  • Customize Character
  • Use 10 types of weapons
  • Buy weapons with the money earned
  • Showing up to 100 zombies simultaneously on one playing screen
  • Select your teammate (AI Characters) that suit your strategy


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