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Cradle of Links
Cradle of Links

开发: MEGALODON games
发行: ReloadWorld Games



Cradle of Links

Is a story-driven VR shooter set in the dark atmosphere of Victorian England.
You are a soldier who returned home from a distant Indian colony. Upon arrival, you find out that your city has been closed for a year due to an unexplained pandemic and you cannot get into it.
Sitting and thinking in a bar in a neighboring city, you lose the sense of time until the bartender asks you to leave the establishment. A strange old man is waiting at the exit, he throws a handful of powder in your face and deprives you of consciousness.
When you wake up, you find yourself imprisoned in a strange place. The same old man greets you and says that you are a good find. What this all means is not clear, but he says that he will definitely release you after completing a certain task in the quarantine city.
But how to get there if the city itself is closed and its air is mortally poisoned?.

All secrets will be revealed gradually.


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