Masked and Mysterious :: Masked and Mysterious

Masked and Mysterious
Masked and Mysterious

开发: TheGoldenEyed



Enter a twisted world, in which nothing is as it seems. You play the role of a father, who wakes up on an traumatic night to find his children missing. You start finding clues about possible whereabouts and.....

Masked and Mysterious is a horror game with unique twists and an breathtaking story.

-Extremly atmospheric game with basic/cartoony looks

-Triple AAA effects for a unique horror feel

-Focus on effective Jumpscares/suspenseful moments

-Massive unique Story with lots of room for interpretation

It's a dark street, it's raining. Do you feel this unholy presence all around you?
Buildings locked up, mist covering the streets. Cold rain pouring upon your face.
However, you have no other choice but to be here. There is no escape from fate.

You know that you are being watched, but you choose to continue.
Entering the suspected location, nothing seems off.

But as you get deeper into the Building, you start to slowly put the puzzle together.

Your masked friends are awaiting you.


Game Engine: Unreal Engine 4! (lower or increase graphic according to ur system!)



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