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Lab 03 Yrinth
Lab 03 Yrinth

开发: XiNFiNiTY Games , Nova Studios



Lab 03 Yrinth

Are you ready to die?
Lab 03 Yrinth is a challenging maze game in a sci-fi scary atmosphere. It will challenge your skill and patience.
Its a game made for speedrunners, be a guinea pig and have a taste of what it feels like...

Ever wonder what it feels like, to be a lab subject ready to be tested in one of the most horrifying ways? Well now is your chance.
Lab03Yrinth is a first person game, where you play as sample number 03. Don't worry, this is not your usual maze game. Prepare yourself to be tortured to the core.
This particular device recently developed by top scientists from Salina corps, they call it, the MRM, or Molecular Reconstruction Module.
It does not matter how you die (explosives are their favorite way to kill you) , it simply regenerates your body exactly as it was before.
Including your memories....

Try to reach the end of each maze before dying too much... and before losing your sanity.
During this challenge, time is of the essence. They can also program the MRM with a limited "lifetime", to have some extra fun time!


*Arrows keys/WASD: Movement
*Mouse: Camera
*CTRL : Use Powerup "Speed"
*ALT: Use Powerup "Time"

*Partial controller support


*Game developed with Unity Engine. (support low and high resolution, rebinding key)

*15 difficult levels (more with the dlcs)

*Steam Leaderboard :Submit your scores to our steam leaderboard, and compare and compete with your online friends.

*Steam Achievements: already 16 achievements to unlock.

Try to get the best score!


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