Marble Skies :: 大理石天空

Marble Skies

开发: Birdwall Games



Marble Skies是一个快节奏的3D平台游戏,你可以通过各种级别控制你的大理石,并尝试每个人获得最佳的时间。 在你自己的时间内完成所有关,或者挑战你的朋友来获得排行榜! 受到nostalgia,Marble Madness和Marble Blast的启发,我们打算在未来的传统大理石滚动/平台式的游戏中创造更多的功能。在发布后,随着游戏的进行,以及各种难度的60个级别,我们计划每周更新新的级别和功能。

特征 -

  • 20+初学者级关
    通过游戏的基础知识来滚动大理石。 了解如何控制你的大理石,以及你可能遇到的各种powerups。 新玩家当然爱玩!

  • 20 +中级关
    第一个初级后,你将开始掌握你的大理石滚动技能。 现在你正是你最好的时刻!

  • 20+高级关

  • 从头开始手工制作

  • 街机风格的物理

  • 平台障碍和powerups

  • 很棒的soundtrack
    HOME 24个惊人的不同的soundtrack, 你会很快与他们一起哼唱! 在这里预览或购买配乐!

  • 排行榜
    进入排行榜榜首,在你的朋友中炫耀! 你能得到最快的时间吗?

  • 控制器支持

About This Game

Marble Skies is a fast paced 3D-platformer where you control your marble through various levels and try to get the best time for each one. Complete all the levels in your own time, or challenge your friends to get on top of the leaderboards! Inspired by nostalgia, Marble Madness and Marble Blast, we intend to create much more features in the future over the traditional marble rolling/platforming style of game-play. After release, along with the game, and 60 levels of various difficulty, we plan to have weekly updates with new levels, and features.

Features -

  • 20+ Beginner Levels
    Roll your marble through the basics of the game. Get to know how to control your marble, and the various powerups you may encounter. Great for new players!

  • 20+ Intermediate Levels
    After the first Beginner levels, you will start to master your marble rolling skills. Now you're aiming for the best times!

  • 20+ Advanced levels
    Nothing will be too difficult once you get to Advanced... And then it gets even harder!

  • Hand crafted from scratch
    Every level is specifically designed to be intuitive, and give you the freedom to play the game in your own time. Want a casual and relaxing session? Or do you prefer to play in speedrun style? It's up to you!

  • Arcade style physics
    Quick and responsive controls, using your keyboard and mouse, or even a controller mean that every input you make will be accurate!

  • Platforming obstacles and powerups
    Each new level presents exciting obstacles, and powerups for your marble! Blast your way around with a Rocket, become a gaint with the Super Marble, float like Mary Poppins with an Umbrella, and more!

  • Great soundtrack
    With 24 amazing different tracks by HOME, you will be humming along with them in no time! Preview or buy the soundtrack here!

  • Leaderboards
    Get to the top of the leaderboards, and show off to your friends! Can you get the fastest time?

  • Controller support
    Support for all different types of controllers!

Planned -

This is a list of current planned features, for post-launch of the game. This list may change in time, and suggestions are gladly welcome!

  • Marble Skins
    Cosmetic only. These will be unlockable in-game, for free by getting levels up, playing consistently, or by completing daily challenges.

  • Multiplayer
    We will be looking to add multiplayer as soon as possible. Multiplayer will feature different modes of player vs player games.

  • Level system
    We would like to give incentive to reward players that complete levels, beat their own times and completing daily challenges.

  • Daily Challenges
    Daily challenges will consist of things like "Beat Intermediate level 10 in 00:50 seconds", or Rolling your marble a certain distance. Something a little different to do each day you play the game.

  • Generated endless-mode
    Possibly generated levels that you must stay on for as long as possible to get the longest time, rather than the usual shortest time in standard levels.

  • Lots more free updated levels
    Once released with the 60 base levels, we plan to release around 2-5 new levels each week for FREE! A long with typical bug fixes, and community suggestions.

  • Level creator/Workshop
    This would be one of the very last things we are considering. Letting the community create levels would provide an almost endless amount of content for other users to play.


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