Bike of the Wild :: Bike of the Wild

Bike of the Wild
Bike of the Wild

开发: The Most



The evil Lord Gearon has kidnapped the Princess Steelda, can our Hero Klink complete the Bike-Force and save Hillrule?
Find out in... Bike of the Wild!

UPDATE: Still working on full keyboard controls, thank you for your patience in this time of progression.

This game is exploding with sick jumps, sweet stunts, and insane challenges. It is one bike of a time.

We at The Most have created a biking adventure unlike any other. Explore a massive open world as you pedal across luscious landscapes, frozen wastelands, and volcanic vistas. The world of Hillrule has been designed from the ground up to put your biking skills to the ultimate test. With secret passages and hidden jumps lurking around every corner, can you unlock the mystery and discover everything this mystic land has to offer?

Whether you are looking for a relaxing bike ride through the country, or an intense psychotic ascent up peaks that will bring even the toughest to tears, Bike of the Wild has something for everybody.

Just remember one thing... Don't look down!


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