Chronicles of Magic: Divided Kingdoms :: 魔法传奇:分裂的王国

Chronicles of Magic: Divided Kingdoms

开发: The House of Fables




很久以前,兄弟王国被他们之间的战争所毁灭。多亏了魔法,白王国被重建起来,但黑王国仍然被诅咒着 - 黑云遮住了天空,危险的藤蔓摧毁了土地和房屋。白城堡的贵族王后玛丽特却在打着自己的算盘,但同样在支持黑王国正在遭受灾难的居民。在你危险的路程中,你将会遇到白王国和黑王国的居民。但谁真的是可信任的却不会马上清晰的表现出来。好与坏、魔法与科技、黑与白的界限将开始变得模糊,而且两个王国以及你儿子的命运都将掌握在你手中。你会和最出乎意料的盟友合作吗?你会阻止邪恶并揭开皇家血统的秘密吗?


  • 访问两个王国中30谷歌使人着迷的地理位置!
  • 发现隐藏在魔法卷轴中的魔法顺序!
  • 接触33个引人入胜的小游戏和魔法顺序!
  • 收集46个罕见的象棋人物和乌鸦雕像!
  • 深入研究17个奇异的隐藏物体智力游戏!

About This Game

The peace in the White Kingdom is marred by the appearance of the mysterious Black Knight. His identity and intentions are unknown, but when he kidnaps your only son Nevin, you follow him in pursuit. As Gillian, explore two worlds and use the Magic Scrolls to discover the truth about a forgotten royal lineage.

Long ago, the twin kingdoms destroyed each other in war. The White Kingdom was rebuilt with magic, but the Black Kingdom is still cursed - dark clouds envelop the sky, and dangerous vines destroy fields and houses. The noble Queen Mariette in the White Castle looks after her own subjects, but also supports the suffering inhabitants of the dark land. During your dangerous journey you will meet the inhabitants of both the White and Black Kingdoms. It won't be immediately clear who is really trustworthy. The boundaries between good and evil, magic and technology, and black and white will begin to blur, and the fate of the two kingdoms - and your son's life - will be in your hands. Will you work with the most unexpected allies? Will you stop the evil and solve the mystery of the royal blood?


  • Visit 30 enchanted locations from both kingdoms!
  • Discover the spell sequences hidden in Magic Scrolls!
  • Solve 33 fascinating Minigames and magical sequences!
  • Collect 46 uncommon Chess Figures and Crow Statues!
  • Delve into 17 marvellous Hidden Object Puzzles!


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