Song of Memories (Complete Scenario) :: 记忆之歌

Song of Memories (Complete Scenario)

开发: Future Tech Lab Co.,Ltd.








  这部作品收录的歌曲竟然有30首之多!?其中不仅有2首OP片头曲,6首ED片尾曲,还有由强大声优阵容所演唱的女主角们的角色歌。同时还收录了源自本作的3D战斗系统所加入的节奏游戏元素的曲目。根据对剧中艺术家组合“Dream 4 You”中角色的选择,能够出编多样的曲目变化。


  • 日本
  • 中文(简体/繁体)

About This Game

Precious Moments That Can Never Return

Although there has been a global pandemic due to an unknown virus, the protagonist spends his days happily surrounded by six beautiful classmates. Little does he know of the fate that awaits him... The "common route" which is the first half of the game, is filled with plenty of happy and romantic events! Enjoy happy moments with the heroines. Over 100 common events including dates and a swimming pool event!

An Epic Fully Animated Adventure Game

Unlike no other adventure game in the past, this game features the 2D animation tool "E-mote" which provides full animation in all dialogue scenes and cut scenes, making it feel like you were watching an anime. Additionally, the entire massive scenario is voiced completely (including the protagonist) and features detailed reactions by all the characters, making players want to watch all the lines of dialogue without skipping them.

Over 30 Songs Included in the Game!

This game features over 30 songs within the production. There are 2 opening theme songs and 6 ending theme songs, all sung by a colorful cast of voice actors who play the parts of the heroines. The 3D battle system features rhythm game attributes in which you select characters from the fictional girl group "Dream 4 You" to create different combinations for the battle songs.


  • Japanese
  • Chinese (Traditional/Simplified)
  • English, French (Coming soon)


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