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Nova 1492
Nova 1492

开发: CODE7
发行: CODE7



Online RTS game
NOVA 1492 is one of the few online RTS games with RPG elements.

Fast-paced and simple game progress
NOVA’s trademark is the fast-paced and simple game progress. While most RTS games’ playing pattern is ‘gather resources -> construct buildings -> produce units -> engage in battle’, NOVA’s game system emphasizes production and battle

Assemble your own units
You can create new robot units by assembling parts acquired in the game.
Use various parts for countless combinations and options.

Use customized units to form your own line-up
You can create various robot units using many combinations and form a line-up of maximum 10 units.

Choose the skills you want to use
You can choose and use different kinds of skills to suit your own strategy

Various quests with many difficulty levels
You can choose from many various quests and play against the computer. Rewards differ according to the level of difficulty.

Online community support
NOVA1492AR supports online community features such as friends, guilds and trading.

Various game modes allow players to cooperate and compete with each other
Players can cooperate and play team battles as well as clear quests together. They can also compete using various PvP modes.


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