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Dragon Cliff 龙崖

开发: Meta Interaction





  • 高达25种冒险职业可供选择,每个职业都有专属的战斗方式、战法以及成长曲线。无论是冷血魂盗、雪国少女、神殿骑士,还是神秘招魂师,他们在战斗中都有独一无二的策略性玩法。

  • 即时指令战斗系统:战斗中,冒险者依据自己的战斗方式执行回合并积累战意,而玩家则主要通过消耗战意释放战法来改变战局!由于战法可以实时执行,这极大提高了战斗的策略性、紧张感和流畅度。

  • 上百种特点鲜明的主被动战斗技能,每个技能都有独一无二的战略优势,非常考验城主大人的策略搭配。

  • 多达300+种装备可供收集和制造,其中更不乏风格迥异的特效神装!

  • 种类繁多的宝石镶嵌以及组合特效!

  • 藏匿于5大地图中超过200种妖魔鬼怪等候城主大大的花式屠戮!

  • 招揽居民扩张城镇,高达20类居民可供收集!每种居民都有不同的城镇贡献能力。

About This Game

Years after Prince Lu’s rebellion, the Crown Prince of Dragon Court has been mysteriously kidnapped. Dragon Cliff is an RPG/Town Management game. Players are to recruit adventurers, kill monsters, hunt treasures, craft armories, accommodate residents and finally reveal the great mystic behind the Dragon Emperor.


  • Up to 25 adventurer classes to choose from. Every class has its own unique battle ability and progression curve. Whether it’s a young warlock, wind wizard, drunk reader, fire spirit or a soul thief, they are all ready to server your town with their exclusive tactics and strategic strength.

  • Time Based Command battle system: During battles, adventurers follow their ability rules to execute turns by themselves. ‘Rage Points’ are accumulated following each unit move, and players can quickly unleash powerful tactics at any time by spending them. As tactics are played in real time instead of taking turns, battles are fast paced and intense!

  • There are almost 100 different active and passive skills to be explored with. Every skill has its distinguishable strategic pros and cons, and begging for players’ experimentation.

  • More than 300 different weapons, armors and accessories to be discovered or produced.

  • A deep gem system and a variety of set bonuses to further expand your strategy.

  • More than 200 types of monsters among 5 different maps wait for your exploration.


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