Dragon Hunter :: Dragon Hunter

Dragon Hunter
Dragon Hunter

开发: For Kids





  • 美丽的视觉
  • 大量的迷人和不同的水平
  • 真正的龙猎人的经验
  • 无数的成就为你收集
  • 在多个平台( windows、MAC、Linux)上的兼容性


About This Game

In this unique puzzle game your goal is to shoot dragons placed on various location cards. The problem is, you won't always have a clean sight on where those vile fire-breathing creatures are, and you must figure out the right angle the arrows will have to fly in to land a successful hit.


  • Beautiful visuals
  • A large number of fascinating and dissimilar levels
  • The true experience of being a real dragon hunter
  • Countless achievements for you to collect
  • Compatibility on multiple platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux)

The dusk of mankind is upon us. With your trustworthy bow and arrows at your disposal, you must fight the endless numbers of vicious, maliciously grinning dragons that invaded the land. The entire fate of the world is in your hands! The inhabitants count on your accuracy and courage, as this battle will require a considerable amount of valour and to eliminate the dragons perched in different, often remote places, precision as well. You have to defeat all the dragons from level to level, carefully calculating the degree you will have to shoot arrows at in order to hit the targets. You will have to take care of arrows as well - the supply is limited and every miss could be devastating!


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