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The Intern

开发: Red13Indie



实习生是一名玩家为其他玩家创造的独立游戏。[/ b] [/ h2]

该游戏具有一些经典机制,已经从其他 metroidvania风格的游戏,j / RPG和平台[/ b]中获知。一个召唤和魔法系统[/ b]在这里变得更有趣。在实习生中,玩家的力量根据他所积累的魔法值而变化,并且可以累积多少(类似于你的Ki),面具可以让你控制不同类型的法力值除了向玩家提供独特的攻击[/ b]。 召唤组合,面具和技能为玩家提供享受游戏的选项[/ b],匹配他们带来克服挑战和击败怪物所需的副作用。所有这些都不够?玩家仍然可以通过发出召唤来释放新形式和特殊攻击[/ b],以帮助其他人或造成破坏。她不在乎。


许多其他事情已经或计划进入实习生:迷你游戏,深层故事,动漫风格,支持控制,成就,收藏卡,平衡系统元素,虚拟不朽,尺寸和时间之间的旅行,参考电池和复活节彩蛋[/ b]等等。你会得到令人垂涎的工作吗?

About This Game

The Intern is a indie game created by a player to another players.[/b]

The game tells the story of a young newly formed desperately sought a chance in the labor market. A strange message and a subsequent accident end up taking her to know a new dimension where it is incubida to seek three masks that allow itcontrol the elements of creation so he can take his trainee post of the Gods.
However our "hero" did not really care for morality rules, shortly after realizing the scale of the multiverse and its place in "history" it shows its true face and slowly she will find out who is she and what will reach the coveted job in this divine stage.

The game features some classical mechanics already known from other metroidvania style games, j/RPG and platform. A single Summon & Mana system make things more interesting around here. In The Intern the power of the player varies according to the mana he has accumulated and how much can accumulate (something like your Ki), the masks allow you to control the different types of mana in addition to providing unique attacks to the player. Summons combinations, masks and skills give options for the player enjoy the game,match they bring side effects needed to overcome challenges and defeat monsters. All of this is not enough? The player still can evolve their summons to release new forms and special attacks
that will serve to help others or just cause destruction. She doesn't care.

Play fast or explore it is your choice.

Many other things are already - or are planned - to enter in The Intern: Mini-games(1 ready), deep story, anime style, support for control, achievements(not ready), collectible card(not ready), leveling system elements(ready), virtual immortality(ready), travel between dimensions and times(not ready), references of batteries and easter eggs(Ready a little) and more.


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