Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare :: 自由人:游击战争

Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare

开发: KK Game Studio



如果你是骑马与砍杀和武装突袭的粉丝,如果你热爱第一人称射击和战略游戏的结合,那么千万不要错过《自由人:游击战争》(Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare),一款集战略战术,养成于一体的射击游戏。开局一把小手枪和几个民兵,你将担起领导的重担,做生意赚钱,供养军队,剿灭四处游荡的土匪,挑起战争并利用优秀的战术和精湛的枪法歼灭敌对势力并统治世界。让你在吃鸡之余体验另一种不同风格的战术射击游戏。



  • 第一人称射击结合战略游戏
游戏独特的战斗系统无缝地衔接了第一人称射击游戏和即时战略游戏。在战斗中, 你可以随时给你的团队下达指令以及设置他们的行动路线。你不仅需要熟练各种武器的运用,更要观察地形,分析情况并合理地布置人员和战术。

  • 自由的沙箱游戏体验
这个游戏不仅是一款射击游戏,它涵盖了大量的养成内容。以一把手枪和五名士兵开始你的职业生涯,你将如何成为世界上最强大的军队? 与当地人做生意,招募士兵,抢劫村庄,打击匪徒,攻击领土,征服世界。你掌握着自己的命运!

  • 大规模的战斗史诗

  • 真实的战斗体验

  • 高度可再玩性
随机的出生点,战斗区域,多变的环境和动态的AI让每一场战斗都充满挑战。游戏没有线性的情节,一切都取决于你的行动:配置什么样的武器和团队,如何战术和技巧赢得每一场战斗,你将如何从一无所有到成为世界的霸主, 你将一步一步书写这个世界的每个情节。世界的霸主, 你将一步一步书写这个世界的每个情节。

About This Game

Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare is set in a chaos filled world occupied by battling factions, bandits and warlords who seek to rule the world.

The game is about your career as a faction leader: Start with minimal assets, you need to make money, build an army, wage wars against other factions and eliminate your rival forces with thoughtful strategies and fine marksmanship and eventually conquer the world. The game provides a completely different shooter experience which strikes a balance between intense first-person action and general strategy.

The game's innovative combat system blends tactical FPS with real-time strategy, allowing you to command an army, plan for tactics in the God view, while immersing in the intense firefight as a foot soldier, in the first person perspective.


  • FPS meets Sandbox Strategy Game
Start your career with almost nothing, you must make money, recruit soldiers, loot villages, fight bandits, attack territories and dominate the world. The game is a combination of challenging action and a wider strategic theater.

  • Shooter and Real-Time Strategy
Experience the unique combat system which blends real-time strategy with tactical first-person shooter. You are expected to strategically plan the movements and tactics of multiple squads in addition to having to be an eagle-eyed sharpshooter and possessing catlike reactions.

  • Realistic Combat Simulation
The game is about realism. Killing 100 enemies with only a pistol is not possible. You will be challenged by highly intelligent AI that is capable of advanced tactical maneuvers such as flanking, surrounding and even fake retreating, almost like what you would experience in real combat. Only carefully planned tactics, equipment and cooperation between squads can bring you victory. Are you up to the challenge?

  • High Re-playability
The random nature of starting points, enemy AI and objectives will make every battle feel different and challenging. There is no linear gameplay: You have the freedom to decide how to progress in the game, who to fight, what equipment and squads to use and how to dominate the world.


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