WHAT THE GOLF? :: 高个尔夫


开发: Triband
发行: Triband



A golf parody game with silly physics and a lot of surprises.

If you are looking for a typical golf game, this is not it.

More surprising new golf mechanics than you can imagine and over 500 levels and challenges.

Explore the abandoned golf lab and make new friends.

We've received so many level ideas from the community and our inbox is now full... so now there's a level editor. The level editor is in Early Access and we invite players to give us feedback and share their silly levels.

Compete with a friend in a cavalcade of challenging and absurd "golf courses". Choose to play as household names such as Toaster, Hockey Dog, or Burger Bird, in races to reach the flag and win the final round. You can use Steam's Remote Play to play online against a friend!


  • Single-player campaign
  • Local 2-player Party Mode
  • New Level Editor (in Early Access)
  • Extra SPORTY SPORTS! levels.
  • Daily Challenges
  • Made by people who know nothing about golf
  • The first (and hopefully the last) game that let you golf a horse
  • Will NOT make you a better golf player
  • Surprises! (sorry, we spoiled it)

Game Playtime

  • Main campaign: approx 3 hours
  • Extra stories and content: another 3 hours
  • For the completionist: a total of 7 hours
  • Daily challenge: Oh no
  • Local 2-player Party Mode: 1 friendship lost
  • Level Editor: Who knows?

This game also includes

  • Cats
  • Exploding barrels
  • Horses
  • Computers
  • A secret lab
  • Secrets
  • Puns
  • Flags
  • Balls
  • Cars
  • Fun
  • Sports
  • Boxes
  • Trees
  • Dancing Turtles
  • Weird characters
  • References to other video games
  • Space
  • Crabs
  • Toasters
  • Bullet time
  • Are you still reading?
  • Bright colors
  • Cows
  • Office chairs
  • Coffee makers
  • Yellow submarines
  • Talking turkey
  • Secret rooms
  • Stop reading!
  • A burger bird
  • Trains
  • Spit
  • Portals
  • Horseshoes
  • Bottles
  • Well done you made it!


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