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Radiant Melodia
Radiant Melodia

开发: TopazShrine


Three years have passed after she lost everything. Her only family, her opportunities, and dream. Cleo, a girl born-talented in singing, has finally arrived at the destined time. Two acquaintances she met in the past come back into her life.
Ken, an old school friend, offers back the duo debut that was given to her, but had to be cancelled by his grandfather due to contract problem.
Joe, a stranger from the foreign Country, who has just realized Cleo's only unique talent, offers her to be the singer of his final school project.

Would she take this opportunity, that opportunity, or instead, the other ones..?

  • Cleo:
    The protagonist who has an uneasy past. Posses a unique singing talent.
  • Ken:
    The protagonist's former schoolmate, who was supposed to be her duo partner.
  • Joe:
    A stranger that the protagonist met in the past. An ambitious future music producer.
  • Lolita:
    The protagonist's close friend from the new school. Her parents own a tailor shop.
  • Gisela:
    Ken's new future duo partner. Daughter of one of the top contributors.
  • Malica:
    Joe's original singer of his project. A professional who is highly experienced in singing.

  • Customizable protagonist's name
  • 5 pursuable characters with each different worst, bad, good, and best ending
  • Each character has unique CGs in certain events and in all endings
  • 10+ places to visit (sub-places are not included)
  • 5 save and load data slots
  • In-game guide/FAQ (accessible from an npc)
  • Cheats are obtainable inside the gameplay
  • Original Theme Music & BGMs


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