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Twin Blue Moons
Twin Blue Moons

开发: Arcus Plume



Twin Blue Moons is a visual novel telling the story of Maya, a young mage with a wild imagination and an unparalleled ability to get in trouble. Dreams become mingled with magic, memories, and multidimensional dangers in this extraordinary adventure!


At the beginning of the summer, Maya is brought to a remote forest area at her elder sister Nami's whim. Although discontented with the development at first, Maya's natural curiosity soon drives her to explore the new surroundings. Before long she has made a handful of new friends, among which are the forgetful girl at the lakeside, Lilia, and the eccentric alchemist, Kinoko.

Strange things start happening at nighttime, yet Maya's dreams feel more realistic than ever. Who are those tattooed girls that keep appearing before her time after time? Nami seems to know something, but it is as challenging as ever to learn the truth from her.


  • 46000+ word story with multiple branching plotlines!
  • 30+ player choices and 10 different endings!
  • Unlockable CG Gallery and List of Endings!
  • Background lore library and Scrollable map (in-game smartphone)!
  • All characters are female!
  • Steam Achievements!

"Have you had any strange dreams recently?"



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