Bitcoin Trading Master: Simulator :: 数字货币交易大师

Bitcoin Trading Master: Simulator

开发: Linkflag
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你是否想学习数字货币交易比如: 比特币, 以太坊, EOS 等?
你是否认为网上交易所太难了,它需要注册, 认证, 私下交易, 存币等繁琐环节?
你是否想买几个币玩一下, 但发现你却买不起, 交易所都有最低交易金额?
不管怎么说你之前可能有很多种原因没有去尝试, 但是现在你可以很简单的通过游戏的方式学会这些技巧.
如果你已经是个老手, 并且在网上的交易所交易过几笔, 在这个游戏中你可以学到更高级的技巧,如:杠杆交易,期货等
如果你对虚拟货币不感兴趣, 也没有关系, 谁知道这个在未来有没有用呢,保持学习的心态总会是对的.


这是一个模拟数字货币交易的游戏, 游戏中所有的数据都是来自于网上交易所并且实时的获取.(如:GDAX, 币安)

这个游戏可以帮助你学习数字货币交易,游戏目前支持100多种数字货币交易, 平且配有分时交易图, 帮助你更好的把握市场行情.

数字货币每分钟都会随着市场波动而发生变化. 这就需要你精确的把握市场行情. 你可以做短线操作,快速的买入和卖出. 你也可以做长线操作,买入一种货币后,然后等待一个合适的时机卖出, 这完全取决于你的策略.

游戏中加入了排行榜功能, 根据你的利润会有一个全球玩家的排名, 展现你的天赋的时候到了, 还在等什么呢, 赶快加入吧!

About This Game

About yourself:

Do you want to learn how to trade digital currencies such as Bitcoin, ETH, EOS, and more?
Do you ever find that the online exchange is so difficult, for it requires complicated procedures such as registration, certification, and saving coins?
Do you want to buy a few coins as a trial, only to find that you can't afford it, because all exchanges have set a minimum transaction amount?
Do you have the confidence to make a fortune in online trading?

Anyway, you may have a variety of reasons for not having tried before. But now you can learn these skills through this game. If you are a veteran already and have made a couple of transactions on an online exchange, you can learn in this game additional advanced techniques all the same, like leveraged trading, futures, and so on. If you take no interest in digital currencies, it does not matter. Who knows if this will not be useful in the future? It is always right to have a receptive mind.

About game:

This is a simulation of the digital currency trading game, the data is synchronized in real-time from online exchanges (such as: GDAX, BINANCE).

You can learn how to trade digital currency in this game. The game currently supports more than 100 kinds of digital currency exchanges and equip with time-sharing trading charts to help you grasp market conditions.

The digital currency price changes every minute as the market fluctuations, therefore you need to grasp market conditions accurately. You can do short-term operation buying or selling quickly. And you can also do long-term operation buying a currency and selling it at the right time, depending on your strategy.

The leaderboard feature has added to the game. According to your profit, there will be a ranking of global players. It's high time to show your talent, what are you waiting for?


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