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开发: Dynamoid
发行: Dynamoid


10k is a VR data visualization and presentation platform that allows you to create experiences entirely in-world, using open data sources and other pre-existing content - from 3D models and images to economic time-series data to molecular structures.

10k is for anyone looking to

  • Communicate complex ideas
  • Showcase 3D models in context
  • Mockup interconnected game environments
  • Explore and design systems
  • Create next-gen mind maps and org charts
  • Explore and communicate scientific discoveries
  • Learn about complex systems

Using 10k, you can

  • Import, view, and position 3D models and images - either your own files or from Google Poly - all in-world, in VR
  • Seamlessly import and visualize scientific and financial datasets, including protein and molecule structures, neurons, and time-series data from Quandl
  • Customize colors, labels, descriptions, and add some basic ambient animations
  • Create rich visual experiences made of multiple scenes or environments

Currently, we support importing 3D models, protein crystal structures, time-series economic data, images (PNG and JPEG), and neuron cell structures Users can upload their own files, or instantly grab content from a variety of integrated APIs, including Google Poly, the Protein Data Bank, NeuroMorpho, and Quandl (economic data).


Over the last 8 years, the Dynamoid team has been working on our internal tools for importing, processing, and visualizing a variety of datasets. This technology forms the core of the 10k platform, and includes data parsers, visualizers, shaders, and a behavior system. We're incredibly excited to see what other people want to create using the platform - it's the first time we've opened up any of our tools for other peope to use. Let us know how it goes!


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