Death Trader: Cold War :: 死亡商人:冷战

Death Trader: Cold War

开发: Dreambakers
发行: Dreambakers



Death Trader: Cold War是一款关于军火商争议生活的战略游戏。您从1960年1月1日开始,带着一架全新的货运飞机,这是圣诞老人的礼物。你是如何利用这样一笔宝贵的资产获利的?方法就是:只需从军队购买武器并将其出售给反叛分子!很简单吧?

整个世界及其所有冲突地区都可供您使用 - 从印度支那的山丘到中美洲的丛林。冲突不断出现和停止,您可以对此过程产生积极影响。选择值得支持并使其获得胜利的一方 - 或者是一个愤世嫉俗的伪君子,向双方出售武器,以便为了更多个人利益而延长对抗。乍一看,军火商的生活并不那么复杂。您通过非官方渠道购买武器,使用不同国家军事部门的联系。然后选择一个合适的买家,然后运送带有致命货物的货船或飞机。如果您能安全达到目的地,海盗和海关官员,如果您的承包商对一切都完全满意 - 则交易结束。随着时间的流逝,新的武器模式将会出现,来自不同国家的特殊服务将开始越来越关注你...


  • 来自8个国家的数十种武器 - 从冲锋枪到坦克;
  • 您可以支持近50个历史冲突和近100个不同的叛乱团体和政府;
  • 动态地图:地区不仅会根据历史记录更改所有权,还会根据您的直接操作更改所有权;
  • 贸易竞争对手:其他军火商,就像您一样 - 但显然不太成功。窃取他们的客户 - 在竞争对手面前提前交易,以防止他们获得任何利润!


About This Game

Death Trader: Cold War is a strategy game about the controversial life of a arms dealer. You begin on January 1, 1960, with a brand new cargo airplane, which, apparently, was a present from Santa Claus. How'd you use such an invaluable asset in a profitable manner? Well, here's the way: just buy weapons from the military and sell it to rebels and insurgents! Obvious, isn't it?

The whole world with all its conflict areas is at your disposal - from the hills of Indochina to the Central American jungle. Conflicts are constantly arising and ceasing, and you can have an active influence on this process. Choose the side which cause is worthy to support and lead it to victory - or be a cynical hypocrite and sell weapons to both sides in order to prolong the confrontation for more personal gain. At first glance, the life of a arms dealer is not so complicated. You buy weapons through unofficial channels, using connections in military departments of different countries. Then you select a suitable buyers and send them a transport with deadly cargo. If you reach the destination without any adventures, pirates and custom officers, and if your contractor is completely satisfied with everything - the deal is concluded. And while the time will be passing, new models of weapons will appear, and special services from different countries will begin to show more and more attention to your humble person...

Key features:

  • Dozens of weapons from 8 countries - from submachine guns to tanks;
  • Nearly 50 historical conflicts and almost 100 different insurgent groups and governments that you can support;
  • Dynamic map: territories change ownership not only with the current of history, but also depending on your direct actions.

Remember: illegal arms trade is a crime in accordance with international treaties and national laws! Don't try to use the game experience in real life. If possible, avoid getting into the arms trade, support of insurgent movements or unleashing of a new Cold War!


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