Apocalyptic cars war :: Apocalyptic cars war

Apocalyptic cars war
Apocalyptic cars war

开发: Tetyana Kozlovska
发行: Tetyana Kozlovska






  • 10辆超级3D快车
  • 7辆警车:小轿车,小卡车,轿车,特警车和直升机
  • 超级简单的控制
  • 漂亮而简单的设计
  • 有趣的游戏
  • 多语言支持



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About This Game

You are unruly and rebellious macho and you are tired of the current government. You are not going to blindly obey anymore. You are taking power in your hands.
The first step of your apocalyptic campaign would be to destroy police, because they are on your way to the victory. You created a very special car, it was hard to find some elements, specially a big gun, but luck was on your side. And now you are ready to start your own apocalypse.

From this point your plan is very simple, run away from cops, collect as much money as you can and shoot, shoot, shoot to survive as long as possible. Yes, it sounds really easy, but the reality is different. Police will do their best to stop you, their cars are also very fast and nimble. They will pursue you all the time. And even this is not all, the police cars is not your only problem, often on your way will appear different obstacles in unexpected places and sometimes even come the police helicopter, so you should react very fast.

What would you do? Would you be able to shoot them all down or you will give up? Show that you are a real leader! Many people are ready to follow you and on the city will appear more and more super apocalyptic cars.

Key features of Apocalyptic cars war game:

  • 10 super 3D fast cars
  • 7 police cars: coupes, pick up trucks, sedans, SWAT vans and helicopters
  • super easy controls
  • nice and simple design
  • funny gameplay
  • multi language support

Use a "space" button on your keyboard to shoot, weapon will shoot only when the police car is in the zone of defeat


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