2nd Circle - Powerful Places :: 2nd Circle - Powerful Places

2nd Circle - Powerful Places
2nd Circle - Powerful Places

开发: Jesper Skjærbæk
发行: Jesper Skjærbæk



In a dark, magic world, the 2nd Circle stands between Humanity,
and the dangerous, scary things that hides in the Shadows.
And you are the newest fighter in this war.

You are Wizard. More precise you are a new Wizard Apprentice.

Now you have to learn fighting monster and sling spells.

First you can customize your character.

Then You choose which type of Sorcerer you want to be.
Fire - Earth - Water - Air or Metal.
Each Element has it own unique spells.

Some Elements works well on some enemies, while others does very little damage.

If you choose the path of Fire You will cast spells like:
The Circle of Fire: Or Strongest, Minion Spell: The FireLord

First you will learn to cast simple spells, and then more and more powerful spells.

This spell is called "Falling Skye" and is blocks of Hard Earth Falling and killing enemies.

You will also get different Wands, that will help you cast stronger spells.
But the real price are the Crystals.
Mined deep beneath the earth, with many different abilities.

After completing the first Stages, you will get into the more challenging part.

You will meet more and more dangerous Enemies.

The stronger enemies Cast complex spells and summons Monsters to fight on their side.

When you have completed the beginner part,
you can replay the game with a new Wizard starting at a high level.

You can choose to become any type of mage,
to find if you can complete the game as an new Wizard.

Or you can Play in GOD Mode....


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