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Fly High
Fly High

开发: Kathlyn Games
发行: Kathlyn Games



Fly High is action-adventure game with fantasy atmosphere that is meant to transfer players to a beautiful, unreal world, make them feel the pleasure of flight. However there is no time to get bored as player will meet many obstacles in the form of huge candies, burgers, and many other goodies, which he shouldn’t eat, but have to avoid them and escape from the black hole that is chasing him all the time. Game starts when player “falls asleep” and is transferred to the planet of dreams where in order to “wake up”, player must finish the game. Player should collect boosts to fill the bar in order to fight the boss in the end of the level, though each boost is rising the speed so it's time to be carefull!
I hope that you will enjoy playing the game! Good luck!


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