Magician of Fire :: Magician of Fire

Magician of Fire
Magician of Fire

开发: SiberianGames
发行: SiberianGames

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"Magician of Fire" - this is an unusual 3D platform game, action and a little role-playing game.
Expect you: bright and explosive gameplay, at various levels.
Tense fights with "Boss", each of which is unique.
Insidious and deadly traps, and evil enemies.
Pump your equipment and improve your skills!

You are waited by a small, but bright adventure in the magic world.
In which the protagonist and his eternal companion dog, nicknamed "Meatball", hurried about their business, but something went wrong!

"Magician of Fire" - is our first game, and we tried to make it as good as possible!
We hope that you will like it)
Best regards, your developers -
Borisov Anton & Malkin Maxim.
Studio SiberianGames.


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