AVICII Invector :: AVICII Invector

AVICII Invector
AVICII Invector

开发: Hello There Games
发行: Wired Productions

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系好安全带,进入 AVICII Invector 为你营造的未知空间,感受节奏的韵律。

与已故的超级调音师联合打造,AVICII Invector 为你带来热血激昂的音乐飞行游戏体验。

在声乐旋律中穿行,伴着 AVICII 的 25 首劲爆金曲横扫一切电音,穿过每一个节拍方块,其中包括全球榜单冠军曲目:Without You、Wake Me Up 和 Lay Me Down。

享受独自飞行的乐趣或者在令人心跳加速的激烈竞争中感受 AVICII 音乐会的派对激情。



  • 熟练掌握已故现象级天才巨星 AVICII 的 25 首热门单曲。
  • 沉浸在美妙的音乐氛围中飞跃 6 个神秘的世界。
  • 调高音量,准备好在 3 个不同的难度等级中挑战自我。
  • 选择单人模式,或者最多 4 位玩家在不同屏幕上进行多人对战。
  • 抛开你的高分,争取打入全球玩家排行榜单。
  • 在 AVICII 全球热歌的陪伴下来一场激动人心的冒险之旅。
  • 我们将拿出一定比例的销售收入用于支持蒂姆·伯格林基金会,提升大众的心理保健意识。

About This Game

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About the Game

Belt up and blast into the rhythmic regions of unexplored space in AVICII Invector.

Created in collaboration with the late superstar DJ, AVICII Invector is a pulse-pounding, frenetic rhythm-action experience.

Soar through vocal melodies, sweep each fade and attack every beat in 25 of AVICII’s biggest hits, including global chart toppers: Without You, Wake Me Up and Lay Me Down.

Fly solo or recreate the party feeling of an AVICII concert with heart-thumping, competitive gameplay.

Each track is built to perfectly match the on-screen visuals taking you through a musical odyssey of serene exploration.

Find your rhythm, feel the beat and keep the musical journey flowing.

  • Master 25 hit anthems from the phenomenal talent of late superstar AVICII.
  • Flow through SIX mesmerising worlds wrapped in a magnificent musical experience.
  • Turn up the volume and set yourself a challenge across THREE complexity levels.
  • Play solo or with up to 4 friends in split-screen multiplayer action.
  • Lay down your high score and rise up the Global Leaderboards.
  • Explore a pure-hearted narrative journey set against the globally celebrated works of AVICII.
  • Support The Tim Bergling Foundation with a percentage of sales going to support mental health awareness.


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