Micro Mages

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Enter the Demon Fortress. Built to torture pesky adventurers, this place is home to great treasure and ghastly creatures alike. But don't worry, you can count on allies like Fairies and Magical Seagulls to come to your help!

Micro Mages is an homage to NES-era platformers. Being a homebrew NES game itself, it was made completely from scratch. We carefully distilled the spirit of the best games in the system's library, all the while drawing inspiration from the modern and putting our own spin on things, creating an experience like no other on the NES.

类型: 平台动作独立街机

视角: 侧面视角

版本: 发行版本 游戏本体

模式: 单人多人合作分屏

主题: 动作幻想




Once upon a time, in a small cottage within a dark forest, four mages and their beloved Princess spent a life in harmony. The mages were students at the renowned Hocus-Pocus Academy of Applied Magicks. To keep Princess safe during their study hours, they installed a giant lock on the front door.

……显示全部One day, the blue mage forgot to lock the door and when everyone came back home after a long day, their Princess was gone.

A fairy beared terrible news: “Strange things are happening in the old Demon Fortress atop Pretzel Mountain!”

The four mages did not hesitate. After chanting a teleportation spell they had just learned at the Academy, they took off to the Demon Fortress...

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N/A 任天堂 (NES) 全球
2019-05-01 Windows 全球
2019-05-01 任天堂 (NES) 全球


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