Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator

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At the very heart of Septerra lies the Core, a huge Biocomputer. Seven continents at different elevations, each with its own unique people and culture, orbit around the Core.
According to an ancient prophecy, Septerra's continents will one day converge and join in orbit together on one level - this is the Legacy of Marduk, the Creator's son. The Chosen, fanatical believers in the supremacy of their own wisdom and technology, impatiently try to force the issue - causing a global catastrophe which threatens the lives of all Septerreans.

Meanwhile, amongst the Junkers, a young woman named Maya gets caught up in the developing maelstrom and soon finds herself confronted by seemingly insurmountable problems. Without help she stands no chance of fulfilling the Prophesy before Septerra perishes. But whom can she trust in a world torn by war and treacherous intrigue - a world on the edge of the abyss?

类型: 角色扮演

视角: 上帝视角

版本: 发行版本 游戏本体

模式: 单人

主题: 幻想科幻

引擎: Terrabuilder


赛普特拉战记:创世传说 》 的短评 (暂无)



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1999-10-31 Windows 北美
1999-12 Windows 欧洲


异形 海盗 鬼魂 机器人 探索 赛博朋克 潜行 吸血鬼 魔法 幻想 健康 回合制 角色扮演 summoning 机器人 天使 迷宫 shadow 蒸汽朋克 谜题 查看全部 + 科幻 bridge 角色扮演 cyborg 战争 button Steam 多主人公 overworld bounty hunter backtracking 阅读 undead mutants 人工智能 rock dialogue trees 道具栏 missile 报纸 坦克 slavery black hole bats graffiti glitch shovel gods piano switch BOSS 战 爆炸 多个 BOSS gold 数字发行 仅单人游玩 女主人公 train rail track 男主人公 flying enemies credits menu option 箱子 垃圾桶 vine cape plate laboratory apparatus hammer 平台独占 随机掠夺 扑克牌 可升级 world map 语音出演 调色板转换 toilet 人类 书籍 sand pipe bathtub shower head 购物 turret explosives 掠夺搜集 变身 BOSS game reference scythe 斧子 panties bed lantern shelf isometric viewpoint coat 盔甲 party system mayor 非人类主人公 ramp 小刀 saw blade 经验点数 shrub skull bubble message on the wall white noise paintings sink houseplant window 锁闭的门 非玩家角色 gog.com hologram 其它角色的后代 桌面 energy force shield candle mutilated corpse warning sign pillow desk corpse propeller rubble coffin lava sprinting 钥匙 bench fence bone 财宝箱 homing missile street light fountain staircase heart side quests ambush potion barrel auto-save grapple player character ring Game Over mace secret area invisible enemy betrayal glowing eyes well 非强制 BOSS convict 最终 BOSS 小 BOSS maps damage numbers improvised bridge reward sound crepuscular rays low health warning 激光 statue column tombstone pickaxe 无声字幕 office chair couch wooden chair loud ambient noises spotlight valve rug speed boost active time battle 打击点数 seed crab enemy health indicator lamp post chains telescope floating island scripted death mirror bread bucket stained glass cheat code gear meat wheel theft confirm menu choices wardrobe healing food tattoo changing sides been here before dialogue portraits boots shoes disguise dead end gauntlets tentacles cauldron fireplace charge stasis chamber wrench 手雷 多敌方 BOSS 战 tent bizarre weapons energy weapons boss assistance valuable garbage evil organization taser unskippable cutscene persistent character damage sandbag mill fetch quests spiky-haired protagonist mohawk weapon modification flare locker cloak ambient music mechanic improvised weapon dog tag spray paint drill electric chair shirt goggles poison rifle invisibility scripted events giant enemy crab hooded figure inappropriate loot jukebox anvil lock blueprint chalkboard working for the enemy fireworks tin can chalkboard eraser sleeping enemies deadly gas wasps gas mask cask stationary boss monster infighting escaping imprisonment enemies that spawn enemies severed limbs hand rail monks airship falling object eavesdropping mortar and pestle restoration wallet robots with a sense of humor invented language playing dead swarming enemies lightning manipulation foreshadowing two-handed weapons point of no return barrier root flower picking prostitute prostitution pixel hunt enemies emerging from eggs crash landing boss killing their henchmen throwing disc god complex redemption coat rack character says the name of the game heroic sacrifice hostile a.i. tumbleweed life drain background boss load bearing boss conga line party napalm collective conciousness advanced computer modeling radiation suit character screen y junction mutagenic agents cutscene dissonance


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