1. virmint 2020-06-01

    请问Pull Stay参加Steam夏季游戏节的demo版本支持中文吗?indienova发起了一次在中文社交媒体上的曝光征集~如果demo支持中文的话,Pull Stay也可以参加这次征集喔!

    • NitoSouji 2020-06-01

      @virmint:谢谢 virmint!ヽ( ´ ∇ ` )ノ
      Yeah, I'm trying to localize into Chinese just now. At least for UI so that I can check "Interface" on my store page's language section for Chinese.
      But I'm not sure I can make it before the festival starts (´・ω・`)

  2. 蒸熊掌 2020-06-03


    • NitoSouji 2020-06-04

      @蒸熊掌:谢谢! 说实话,我写这篇日志需要了一天。。_(:з)∠)_

  3. 浑身难受 2020-06-03


    • NitoSouji 2020-06-04

      @浑身难受:ありがとうございます!皆さんお元気そうで何よりです!ヽ( ´ ∇ ` )ノ

  4. 木鱼上的沐雨 2020-06-09

    你好!我看了你的游戏界面,感觉很有趣。我应该可以帮忙把steam英文界面翻译成中文,如果大学的英语水平可以:D (我在私聊中向你发送了这条消息,但没有收到回复,不知道你是否收到了,所以在这里又发一遍。如果已经不需要翻译了,请忽视掉这条消息!)
    Hello! I watched your game video and it was interesting. I'm willing to translate the shop page into Chinese, if the English level of a university student is OK. :D (I sent this message directly to you but have no reply, so I wonder if you have received it and I decide to resend it here. If you don't need translation anymore, sorry for my bothering!)

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    • NitoSouji 2020-06-11

      @木鱼上的沐雨:Thank you so much for your offer!
      But I found a Chinese speaker in my Discord channel just before I got your message, then completed the translation work.
      I'm so sorry about that...
      Anyway I really appreciate your kind offering. Thanks a lot! ヽ( ´ ∇ ` )ノ

  5. PANGIA 2021-11-13

    You are awesome,carry on !i am hoping the official version coming soon!!!