Currently I am an architectural designer during the day and an indie game developer at night.

Due to work requirements, I often design many interesting conceptual buildings, but they are often unable to be implemented due to practical factors, so I turn to developing games in my spare time, so that buildings that were previously impossible to practice in reality have the opportunity to be displayed to the public.

I hope you all like it and follow me if you have the opportunity to see more of my works.


噴火巨龍工作室 获得了成就:入门会员 2024-04-08

噴火巨龍工作室 已经升至 2 级! 2024-04-08

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噴火巨龍工作室 赞了会员日志:扔石头的人 2024-03-01

噴火巨龍工作室 加入了小组:游戏研究 2024-02-14

噴火巨龍工作室 加入了小组:Unity3D 2024-02-14

噴火巨龍工作室 发表了新的日志:開發者日誌/第1集/遊戲風格 2024-02-14

噴火巨龍工作室 加入了小组:itch 2023-12-24

噴火巨龍工作室 发表了新的日志:開發者日誌/第0集/遊戲風格 2023-12-24

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