巫师 3:
The Witcher III:
Wild Hunt

CD Projekt RED, 2015
Windows, PS4 和 Xbox One

CD Projekt RED, 2015
Windows, PS4 and Xbox One

《巫师 2》销量极佳,而 CDPR 的后续支持优化服务在玩家中反响也很好,这也抬高了人们对《巫师 3:狂猎》(The Witcher III: Wild Hunt,后简称《巫师 3》)的期待值。开发团队摒弃了前作的线性叙事,转而打造一个开放世界,结果也很成功,玩家在其中尽情探索,乐此不疲。

玩家再次扮演猎魔人利维亚的杰洛特(Geralt of Rivia)。开局,他得知自己的养女希里(Ciri)遭异世界的狂猎(Wild Hunt)追杀,便踏上了寻女之路。整个游戏剧情通过上百个主线任务与支线任务加以展开。在有些任务里,玩家会扮演希里,从她的视角去了解故事,运用此前蛰伏在她体内的魔法能力。

游戏地图大体可分为三个主要区域:威伦(Velen)地处乡间,经济基础薄弱,生存环境糟糕,大量怪物环伺,居民死亡率高,当地流传的民间传说似乎暗藏玄机。繁华的诺维格瑞(Novigrad)及城市边郊既有大都市该有的一切诱惑,内里也是暗流涌动,危机四伏。最后是肃杀的史凯利杰群岛(Isles of Skellige),其设计灵感来自于挪威的萨迦传说。


After the success of The Witcher II and the positive buzz about its post-release support, expectations about the Witcher III were high. The development team abandoned the linear structure of its predecessor in favour of an open-world approach, yet managed to make it a world worth exploring.

The player revisits the role of the eponymous witcher (a monster hunter), Geralt of Rivia. Early on, he learns that his adopted daughter, Ciri, is being pursued by the otherworldly Wild Hunt. The story unfolds through hundreds of main and secondary quests, some of which let you play as Ciri, allowing you to explore the story through her point of view and utilise her latent magical abilities.

The game takes place in three main areas, of generous size. Life is poor, nasty, brutish, and short for the inhabitants of rural Velen, where folklore is more than old stories. The bustling city of Novigrad, and its environs, offer all the lures and insidiousness of a more civilised region. Finally, the isles of Skellige are rough, wild places inspired by Norse sagas.

The combat and movement mechanics have been refurbished since the second game. Geralt is more agile and he can ride horses, use boats and swim to explore the massive game world.

《巫师 3》发售后,CD Projekt 开发了 16 个 DLC,包括新任务、新道具和一个新游戏+模式,均可免费下载。

After Witcher III's release, CD Projekt created 16 DLCs, including new quests, items, and a New Game+ mode – all freely available for download.


Monster-hunting is an immersive experience. It requires learning about the monsters then preparing yourself, and rewards you with powerful mutagens.


杰洛特也会使用自己猎魔人的能力来追踪猎物,或搜集某些任务的线索。出色的追踪能力也证明了为什么游戏里某些任务必须要靠杰洛特才能完成。游戏有骑战设定,赛马游戏以及昆特牌游戏(Gwent)。昆特牌是一款遵循万智牌(Magic: The Gathering)规则的卡牌游戏。这也反映了如下规律——一款优秀的 RPG 游戏背后往往有一款出色的卡牌小游戏,如《魔法门 7(Might and Magic VII)》的魔幻牌(Arcomage),《最终幻想 8(Final Fantasy VIII)》的双双牌(Triple Triad)。

《巫师 3》的技术方面素质过硬,游戏机制也很完善,但它最大的优点在于卓越的剧情设计。游戏巧妙地规避了那些千篇一律的支线任务——搜集物品、击杀小兵等,因此没有滥竽充数、强行延长游戏时间之嫌。

《巫师 3》的支线任务旨在推进剧情发展、帮助玩家更好地理解游戏世界观。狩魔任务要么关系到平民百姓的日常生活,要么关系到某一地区的生态环境。在进行寻宝任务时,玩家会来到一些很有意思的地点,发现一些 NPC 的秘辛。过百小时的游戏时长,也许会唤醒人们内心深处的心理阴影,但不必担心,在这上百个小时里,《巫师 3》剧情质量始终保持极高水准。

《巫师 3》是一款难得的游戏,玩家要记住自己参演舞台剧的台词。如果不遵循宫廷礼仪,还会被内侍训斥。帮助吟游诗人丹德莱恩(Dandelion)不会给你带来任何奖励,但你依然会挺身而出。虽然他总会惹上麻烦,但谁让他是你的挚友呢。

He can specialise in three distinct skill trees and equip various items although, due to lore, swords remain the most effective weapons. The crafting system is useful without being overbearing and weapon degradation is well-balanced. Reflexes remain important in combat, but alchemy can offer an extra boost. Preparing oils and potions to hunt the larger beasts helps the player inhabit the role of a witcher, especially in harder difficulties.

Geralt can also use his witcher abilities to track prey and provide guidance for quest purposes. Said tracking skills also provide an in-world justification for being uniquely equipped to tackle certain quests. There is horseback combat, horse races, and Gwent, a card game along the lines of Magic: The Gathering, which follows a tradition of excellent card games in RPGs, such as Arcomage in Might and Magic VII or Triple Triad in Final Fantasy VIII.

The Witcher III is technically accomplished and mechanically sound, but its biggest accomplishment is the quality of its quests. Side-quests never feel like they're padding out the game's length, as the game deftly sidesteps those cookie-cutter quests that ask you to gather a number of items or kill a number of enemies.

Secondary quests serve to advance storylines or provide insight into the world; monster hunts are tied to everyday life or to the ecology of an area. Even treasure hunts may lead to interesting locations or uncover personal stories. The sheer length of the game invites shades of déjà vu, but quality remains high throughout the hundreds of hours of the game.

The Witcher III is the rare game that lets you memorise lines for a play you produced, and chastises you for not keeping court protocol. You won't help the bard Dandelion for a reward, but because he's that kind of friend who tends to get in trouble.

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