辐射 4
Fallout 4

Bethesda Game Studios, 2015
Windows, PS4 和 Xbox One

Bethesda Game Studios, 2015
Windows, PS4 and Xbox One

角色扮演类游戏因包含了多种游戏要素,难以对其进行判断或分类。从本质上来讲,RPG 这个游戏类型多数都是为追求最大化“整体大于各部分之和”的效果。就这一点来说,《辐射 4(Fallout 4)》算是教科书般的反例。

倒不是说游戏里有哪些地方低于平均水平,但问题在于《辐射 4》作为“辐射”这个金字招牌下的一员,会受到玩家的广泛关注。《辐射》系列久负盛誉,初代作品是一款开创性的等距视角 RPG,世界会对玩家角色的行为做出反应。在老《辐射》里,选择当一个没头没脑的莽夫或是巧舌如簧的枪手会带来截然不同的游戏体验。游戏故事发生在一个后启示录世界,充满美国 50 年代复古科幻的味道,在这里,旧世界那过于甜美的消费主义与在充满核辐射的废土里艰难求生的现实形成鲜明对比。

《辐射 4》体现了其制作组并没有理解《辐射》系列最初的设定。游戏开场演示了一对夫妇在战前日常生活的片段,推销员上门告诉他们必须在核爆前进入系列标志性的避难所,在冷冻仓内度过了两个世纪后,他们(玩家)的冒险拉开帷幕。

Role-playing games have always been hard to judge and categorise due to their hybrid nature. In essence, RPGs are the genres that most aim towards the maxim “better than the sum of its parts”. With this in mind, Fallout 4 is the superlative example of the opposite.

There is not a single element in the game that can be pointed out as utterly sub-par, but the issue here is one of legacy and focus. The venerable Fallout franchise started out as the seminal isometric RPG that offered world reactivity in regard to player's character build. In the old games, a low-intelligence brawler was going to have many differences in their experience compared to a smooth-talking pistolero. All of this being wrapped in a post-apocalyptic 50s retro sci-fi atmosphere where the old-world saccharine consumerism contrasted with the realistic struggle for survival in a radioactive wasteland.

Fallout 4 shows its inability to understand the basic premise of its origins right from the get-go. The game begins with a pre-war couple going about their daily lives and answering the door to a salesman before the nuclear bombs hit and they must take shelter in one of the iconic Vaults, where they are cryogenically frozen for two centuries before beginning their adventure.

2016 年 4 月到 8 月,《辐射 4》共发布了 6 个 DLC,添加了新的可探索地图和物品,以及关于制作和建造的选项。

Fallout 4 received six DLC packs, released once a month from April to August 2016. They add new areas, new items and more options when crafting or building settlements.


Stats, skills and perks were all combined into a single system. Each level you gain one point, which can be used to increase stats or unlock a new perk.

这段剧情糟糕透顶,但在如同《疯狂麦克斯(Mad Max)》[1] 的世界观下,就算在战前心地善良的人也可能变成一个新世界废土疯子,但这些新晋疯子在游戏内的转变过程过于直白,摧毁了关于他们战前身份的神秘感。有一个值得提到的地方,玩家再次碰到推销员时会发现他变成了一个不死食尸鬼(Ghoul),在这两百年间,他的穿着和性格都没有任何改变。如果是在老《辐射》里,制作组会用嘲讽或后现代式的讽刺方式对这段内容进行描写,绝不会像《辐射 4》这样平铺直叙。不幸的是,这个“不死推销员”不过是游戏整体质量低下的缩影。

自从《辐射》系列丢掉了它的核心特色后,这些改变便不足为奇。黑曜石工作室(Obsidian)的《辐射:新维加斯(Fallout: New Vegas)》暂且阻止了贝塞斯达(Bethesda,简称 B 社)对该系列的肆意妄为,但 B 社在《辐射 4》中完成了这些“亵渎”。角色构建系统惨遭阉割,玩家行为无法对世界造成影响,影响的只是武器的伤害(使某些武器的伤害大于其它种类)。再也没有“修理”(Repair),“科技”(Scientist)或是“医疗”(Doctor)这类可以在遇到 NPC 并与之交流时造成不同影响的技能。取而代之的是每升一级获得一技能点的系统,使用技能点可获得基础属性增强、新技能与新天赋,但这些新能力几乎只和战斗或补给品相关,用于探索的能力寥寥无几。

B 社不愧是“辐射终结者”,游戏中的对话被大幅缩减。因为手柄上除方向键外、最主要的功能键只有 4 个,所以玩家与 NPC 对话时也只有 4 个选项。结果就是对话中充斥着“是”或者“不是”这种毫无意义的选项,虽说某些时候被标记为“讽刺”的选项和角色的魅力属性可以解锁新的对话分支,但这只让游戏体验好上了那么一丢丢。总之,《辐射 4》不是辐射,更激进一点的话,它连 RPG 都算不上。

This is a woefully improper scene due to the old world being the Mr. Rogers to the new world's Mad Max. These people were meant to be depicted primarily through their unnaturally gleeful cultural artefacts – demystifying them undermines the entire premise. It should also be mentioned that the salesman is encountered again as an immortal ghoul that did not change his clothes or disposition in 200 years. The original Fallout games could be ironic, post-modern or just plain irreverent, but never outright stupid. Sadly, this salesman ghoul is indicative of the entire writing quality Fallout 4 displays.

These changes should come as no surprise, since the franchise's systemic identity is no more. The process Bethesda began in Fallout 3 was somewhat halted by Obsidian's Fallout: New Vegas, but is now complete in Fallout 4. Character builds have been reduced from being representations of good and bad traits that affect the game world to a single character build that may deal more damage with some weapons than others. There are no skills such as “Repair”, “Scientist” or “Doctor” that get checked in conversation or during encounters anymore. Instead you have a system where one point per level is invested in perks which focus almost entirely on combat or loot, with a few scatter-shot nods to exploration.

Given the prestige of the developer, conversations are now a depressingly low-budget affair, where every player response must have four options since that is how many buttons there are on a controller. This results in yes/no answers being accompanied by absolute filler, usually marked "sarcastic", or the occasional charisma attribute check that might unlock new options but mostly gives a small experience boost. In short, Fallout this is not; and even more alarmingly, an RPG this is not.


1 译者注:由澳大利亚 Columbia-EMI-Warner 公司发行的动作片,该片以核战后文明尽毁的澳洲大陆为背景,讲述了公路巡逻队员麦克斯与飞车党斗智斗勇的故事。

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